Application form for the Watch out for Snakes server

Sadly, past experiences have learned us that we cannot trust everyone. Therefore, we cannot just accept everyone. This form is there for us to get to know some basic information about you and know what we get on our server. We are currently playing on a Mindcrack FTB server, so no Vanilla ATM. We do still play 100% survival. Please provide the following information
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We communicate a lot through Skype and Reddit, if you have accounts there, please provide them

We like to know what you generally do in Minecraft

The server is a great community and we want to know whether you are able to communicate with others


On this server we allow pranking. There is however a gray area between pranking and griefing. We expect you to know not go into the gray area. Other rules for pranking are: a: Do not destroy someone's building b: No fire/TNT/destructive blocks c: Fill in banana for the next question. d: Leave a sign with your name on it And a guideline e: Keep the cleanup time under an hour f: do not prank someone if the person still has to get back to you g: do not prank a person who still has to clean up a previous prank We want to keep pranking fun for both parties.

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.