This application must be completed and submitted in one sitting. It is not possible to save information and finish the application at a later time. Please read through the entire application first in order to have all necessary information at hand. All required fields marked with a red asterisk (*) must be filled out before the application can be submitted. In addition, applicants have to provide work samples and other application materials. Please read carefully the detailed instructions in the relevant sections of this application form. All files must be uploaded to the following site: DW Akademie will send you a confirmation email once you have submitted your complete application AND all required documents. If you do not receive a confirmation email or experience technical difficulties, please notify: The deadline for submission is JULY 22, 2012. As soon as DW Akademie concludes the selection procedure, it will notify all applicants by email or telephone by AUGUST 03, 2012 of the outcome. PLEASE NOTE: DW Akademie will only accept work samples in the formats pdf, doc or docx. Any audio files (mp3 or wav) or video files (avi, mov, mpeg or wmv) must be available online or uploaded to a third party site. We recommend SoundCloud for audio and YouTube for video, if the clips are not already available online. If work samples are uploaded onto a third party site, the correlating URL addresses must be provided on the application. Be sure to use the latest versions of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome when completing your application.
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Due to the nature of this project, participants should be familiar with multimedia technology.





Motivation Statement

Letter of Recommendation

Supply ONE letter from your editor/manager/producer/boss who has supervised your work. The letter should comment on your qualifications, character, potential to benefit from the program and above all, the quality of your work. The letter of recommendation should be uploaded to the site named in the application instructions above. Alternately, if the recommender prefers to keep the letter confidential, it can be sent by fax (+49.228.429.2090) or by e-mail as a scanned document to: Please ensure that the document you produce is not larger than 5 MB. - For STAFF JOURNALISTS: The letter must include a statement that your organisation will grant you a 50-day leave of absence, if you are accepted into the project. - For AFFILIATED FREELANCERS: The letter must state your connection to the relevant media, including information on your regular tasks for the organisation. - For INDEPENDENTS: The letter must be written by a person of stature or respected mentor who is familiar with your work and can testify to your professional expertise.


Select and submit TWO different work samples of your best work published within the past two years. You may present a variety of work (online, print, broadcast, etc.) but only two submissions will be accepted. If your pieces are not in English, provide a translation with the work sample and upload it to Please note: Files submitted to DW Akademie are not to exceed a total of 5 MB. Any audio or video files therefore must be available online or hosted on a third party site. If clips are not already available online, we suggest uploading them to SoundCloud for audio or YouTube for video. Correlating URL addresses must be submitted with all uploaded work samples. All written samples, translations and/or descriptions must be submitted in pdf, doc or docx format. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THAT ANY DOCUMENT'S FILE NAME INDICATES YOUR FULL NAME AND THE CONTENT OF THE DOCUMENT. EXAMPLE: Shah.Rukh.Khan_worksample1.pdf In addition, if your work is: - Text: Submit the URL address to the written work or alternately upload to - Video and/or audio: Upload to YouTube, SoundCloud or any other platform of your choice and provide URL addresses. Briefly note what you created (e.g. story idea, the script, camera work, editing, etc.). - Multimedia: Briefly note what you created (e.g. story idea, the script, camera work, editing, etc.) and provide URL addresses. - Website: Briefly note what you contributed (design ideas, execution, logos, interactive elements, etc.) and provide URL addresses.

Work Sample 1

Work Sample 2

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