CSU Stadium Public Engagement RSVP

Participate in conversations about the proposed on-campus stadium at CSU run by the Center for Public Deliberation. These meetings are part of the first phase of public engagement designed to discuss values, react to the proposal for a stadium, and identify key arguments for and against it. The meetings will include large group processes and facilitated small group discussions where people will have the opportunity to talk with other people interested in and affected by this decision. All of the comments collected during the meeting will be posted on the Center for Public Deliberation web site, cpd.colostate.edu. These comments will also be analyzed and provided to the stadium advisory committee as a means of understanding public sentiment and concerns about the stadium.
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Public Meetings

Due to the design of meetings and available space, we will be requiring RSVPs for individual meetings. Once a meeting is full, we will remove it from the options below. We will continue to add additional meetings to meet interest. All of these meetings will use the same process and include the same information; you do not need to attend more than one. All of these meetings are part of the first phase of public engagement. There will be additional opportunities for public engagement after this phase is complete.

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