MoPac 5 & Under Bonspiel

A BONSPIEL FOR INDIVIDUAL CURLERS WITH 5 SEASONS OF CURLING EXPERIENCE OR LESS Early Registration Deadline is Feb 1, 2013 Event Registration Deadline is April 1, 2013 All teams should register electronically via this form. [ELIGIBILITY and PAYMENT info is at the bottom of the form] Bonspiel Format The intent of this bonspiel is to provide an event for newer curlers in our region to play solely against like-skilled curlers. It is meant to be an alternative to the many bonspiels available to all levels of MoPac curlers throughout the year. The Committee asks that all potential participants honor this '5 and Under' format in the spirit of good curling. In addition, this is an 'open' format regarding team composition. There are no restrictions on gender or throwing order of players. Please refer to the 'Rules of Eligibility' below to confirm that all individual team members are eligible to participate. Each player's experience must be calculated individually. (i.e. this is not a 20 seasons exp 'team total') Any questions can be referred to: Michael Lively 415.606.9884 We hope this will be a great event that builds on what we did last year!!
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1. Members having curled more than (5) curling seasons shall not be eligible to compete. (Please don't confuse 'season' with 'how many years have I curled?) Interpretation: a). The curling 'season' starts every May 1st and ends April 30th the following year. (this need not be 'continuous' seasons curling and includes indiv. games, leagues and bonspiels within each season) b). Ten (10) or more games anywhere/anytime during a 'season' constitutes 1 season of experience c). Junior curling but not Youth Curling, curling experience counts towards the five (5) curling seasons. 2. Each participant is responsible for determining his/her eligibility and is on the ‘honor system’ for 2013 and shall be certified to the MoPac C.A. 5-Under Committee, using this entry form. 3. Each member of the team must be in good standing and a current dues paying member of a club in MoPac. --------------- Eligibility Example: Curler 'x' started curling in January, 2012...and it is December, 2012. Curler 'x' may be assuming they haven't curled even a 'year', 1 (or even 0) is written. However, this needs to be broken down to seasons. In this case, May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2102 and May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013. If Curler 'x' played 10 or more games between Jan 2012 and April 30, 2012...that counts for 1 'season' experience. If they have played 10 or more games (or will play by the time of the 5-Under) between May 1, 2012 and this coming April 30, 2013...that will be 2 'seasons' of experience that should be designated in the form. It's a bit confusing for us arena curlers that often curl all year long. It's much easier for dedicated ice clubs that melt their ice in April every year and start up again in the keep track of how many seasons they've been playing. For us, it's entirely possible for a curler to have started in January of some year and stopped in July of that year and gained 2 seasons of experience. Again, feel free to ask questions if it's unclear.


Please double check the information you've listed in all fields (esp. contact info)

Payment Info

Payment may be made via PayPal or personal check. Payment should be made in full. Please indicate the skip's name and club on the check or PayPal payment description. $220 team fee before February 1, 2013 $260 team fee between February 1 - April 1, 2013 PayPal payments should go to: Checks may be made payable to 'MoPac Curling Association' Don Eshelby c/o MoPac Curling Association 1931 Mortimer Court Boise, ID 83712 **Your spot will not be confirmed until your payment is received**


Information on accomodations will be forthcoming. Last year, MoPac had a rate with the Hotel Nexus ....and will attempt to work with them again. 2140 N. Northgate Way Seattle, WA 98133 Ph: 206-365-0700 TF: 800-435-0754 Granite Curling Club also has a rate with Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites. 14115 Aurora Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98133 PH: 206-365-7777 That rate is set to expire the week before our event ...but, we will contact them to see if they are interested in extending.

Granite Curling Club

The Granite Curling Club was founded in 1961 and is a 5 sheet dedicated ice facility. The facility is in a residential area and has a parking lot available for all bonspiel needs. There are downstairs and upstairs viewing areas of the ice and an in-house bar available. (For your travel info, our bonspiel 'window' goes from 8am sat - 5pm sun. Actual finish time yet to be confirmed) Granite Curling Club 1440 North 128th Street, Seattle, WA Ph: 206.362.2446

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