Registration: Collaborative Communities: Why We Need Them and How They Are Created

Join facilitators Christina Bevilacqua (Director of Programs and Public Engagement at the Providence Athenaeum) and Amy Greer (Community Services Librarian at the Barrington Public Library) for a presentation: "Collaborative Communities: Why We Need Them and How They Are Created" Collaboration is an essential tool of any institution. How can members of the cultural and educational communities maximize the power of collaboration by reaching out beyond their own walls? How can community groups and organizations contribute to one another's success? How can we all better meet community needs through collaboration? Christina Bevilacqua and Amy Greer have found that building interdisciplinary collaborative relationships between organizations strengthens communities. This presentation will offer participants an understanding of why collaboration is essential in today's under-resourced and under-staffed world, and provide tools to identify and engage the organizations that have the potential to be valuable collaborators in their communities. To build on those discoveries, participants will then learn how to initiate contact with those potential collaborators and build long-lasting, reciprocal collaborative relationships. MONDAY, April 2, 2012 9am - 12pm (breakfast available from 8:30am) John Nicholas Brown Center, 357 Benefit Street, Providence, RI Registration fee: $15.00, includes breakfast
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