STATIC Staff Application

We are currently seeking members for this year's Stanford STATIC staff. We are accepting applications for the following positions: +FINANCIAL OFFICER: Handle STATIC’s expenses and become intimately acquainted with Stanford’s bureaucracy. (You’ll need to attend SAL’s FO workshop if you haven’t already). +WEBMASTER: Publish our posts on the blog, fix glitches, and add cool stuff to the site. Must have experience with WordPress and a good eye for design. +CONTENT EDITOR(S): Read over submissions to the journal and/or the blog and help the author edit them to make them awesome. +LAYOUT EDITOR: Lay out the journal and make it look sexy/professional. We will publish once during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Must have experience with Adobe InDesign. +OUTREACH COORDINATOR(S): Encourage people to write for us, publicize STATIC around the web/world, and submit pieces to other sites for cross-posting. +COMMUNITY LIAISON(S): Bring STATIC’s mission of connecting Stanford’s activist community offline. Host discussions and events. Work with activists to identify and meet community needs. ***APPLICATION IS DUE SEPTEMBER 4TH @ 4 PM*** Keep your answers casual and brief. Thanks for your interest!
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