Sugru Study

This is a questionnaire for those who have used Sugru to fix, alter, or make something. All the questions are open and optional so only write as much as you want and feel free to skip questions. If you feel really keen and want to talk about multiple projects, go ahead! Also, feel free to go off on tangents, correct my definitions and question the questions. I am in no way affiliated with Sugru or anyone who works there and your data will not be shared with them. This is simply just a useful starting point for investigation. The data will be used as part of a post grad study on fixing, altering and making. All the data will be anonymised in line with strict ethical guidelines at my university. If you wish to be contacted further, leave an email address or your twitter handle at the end of the form and I may ask you some follow-up questions. You can address any immediate queries to me via twitter: @lydnicholas. Thank you for your time and input!


Fixing, altering and making

For the remainder of these questions, please focus on one project

if you really, really want to tell me about several projects, number them in the answers. Thanks.