Vermont-NEA ESP Award Nomination Form

Please fill out every question and try not to repeat information. Any incomplete application will not be considered by the Selection Committee. Also, remember that every local Association can only submit ONE application. Make sure you do not send more than one nominee. Call Vermont-NEA with any questions, 1-800-649-6375. Thank you. We recommend that you fill out the essay portions of this form in a separate Word document so you can save a copy of your nomination. While Google Forms often have a back-up save function, we cannot guarantee that it will save your submission content if you log off the website before submitting your final completed form. Letters of Support. We recommend the submission of two letters of support on behalf of the nominee from teachers, staff, students, administrators, and community members. Letters can be submitted as pdf files via email, mailed or faxed to our office. Please be sure to keep the letters to one page and include the letters on letterhead (if applicable or available). Please send to Sheree Parker, or Vermont-NEA, 10 Wheelock St., Montpelier, VT 05602-3737 or fax: 802-223-1253. All submissions are due by midnight on May 15th.
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