Online Health-Seeker Demographics and Advice Sources

Please only answer this survey if you: a) Live in the UK b) Use the internet to search for health advice or participate in online support groups and websites (related to your own condition/your child or family member's condition/general health information) About the survey: This survey aims to find out who uses the internet to research or participate in support groups around general health, conditions, and symptoms, and who advice is preferred from. This survey is run by a second-year undergraduate of Sociology and the research project will be furthered with a forum-based discussion of key issues, online Skype-based interviews, and finally offline face-to-face interviews with those who do not necessarily research or participate in support groups online. The overall aim of the project - in short - is to find out whether or not which - offline support or online support - is now the preferred source. You will be asked at the end of this survey if you want to be contacted within the coming week about the forum-based discussion and/or the Skype-based interviews. Please leave an email address if you do wish to be contacted. Your email addresses will be deleted if not used, or at the end of the survey. You will also have a chance to add any comments about the survey/research project/individual questions at the end of the survey. The survey is split into five sections: 1) Demographics, (2) Your Health, (3) Your Internet Access, (4) Who You Turn to For Advice, (5) Survey Results & Follow-Up
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These questions will ask for some background about you so that I can confirm or deny conclusions of other researchers and my own hypotheses around potential links of demographics to health. I am also looking to find out who is researching online and who isn't.