2013 Focus Leader Application

As a Focus leader, you will be responsible for a group of approximately 20 students. Since you will be the first impression students and parents receive of Union University, it is important that you are an example of a student who takes every advantage of the University experience. You will play an important role in helping new students find friends and connect to others both inside and outside the classroom. As a Focus leader, you are committing to the following: Leading a group of new students during Focus, August 16-19 Verifying and maintaining a GPA of at least 2.5, having completed a minimum of twelve semester hours at Union. Attending the Spring Training Session on April 13 from 10:00am - 4:00pm. Arriving on campus August 13 for follow-up training on August 14-15 Although Focus week traditionally falls just before Greek recruitment, Focus leaders who are Greek-affiliated are not permitted to promote their respective organizations (e.g. no Greek clothing, activities, etc.). This week is designed to acquaint our new students with Union University and all of the programs and resources that will help them succeed (not just the organizations in which their Focus leader may be involved). Interview Dates Group Interviews: March 5-7 Individual Interviews: March 11-14 Announcement of Focus Leaders March 15 Training Dates April 13 (10am - 4pm) August 14-15 (morning/afternoon) Recommendations You must have one recommendation from a University faculty or staff member supporting your intent to be a Focus leader. The recommendation must be emailed to Karen Taylor, Associate Director of Student Leadership & Engagement(ktaylor@uu.edu). Please have those writing on your behalf include ‘Focus Rec’ in the subject line of their email. Résumé (optional) Additionally, you have the option of submitting a professional résumé. For assistance in creating a professional résumé or information about a résumé writing workshop, please visit www.uu.edu/studentservices/vocatiocenter. After creating a draft résumé, you can set up an appointment to have your résumé reviewed by a Vocatio Center staff member by e-mailing eaguilar@uu.edu. Applications and recommendations are due by 4:00pm on Thursday, February 21, to Karen Taylor in the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement. This deadline is not flexible. Also, all applicants must sign up for a group interview when they submit their applications.
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