2012 Mayor’s Volunteer Awards

The City of Houston is proud to honor outstanding Houston volunteers through the Mayor’s Volunteer Awards. The awards were first presented in 1984 to honor individuals and groups who have performed exceptional volunteer service in the Houston community. Nominations are open to individuals and groups who have performed exceptional volunteer service (Faith Based organizations that deliver a service or variety of services are encouraged to nominate). A diverse panel of community judges review and choose those who will be honored at the awards luncheon in the spring. Eligibility Guidelines: ■ An agency or individual may nominate up to three volunteers who are currently engaged in active volunteer service. ■ Volunteers who are nominated may not have received any monetary compensation for their service. ■ Services delivered by the nominee must not be restricted to a particular religious denomination. ■ Volunteer service in partisan politics cannot be considered. ■ Work must be performed in the Houston area. ■ One nomination per individual or group. ■ Previous nominees who were not selected are eligible.
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Nomination Rules: ■ No attachments (i.e., videotapes, scrapbooks or binders) are accepted

All nominations must be received no later than February 29, 2012

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