Blackboard 9.1 Course Copy and Additional Support Request Form

Complete this form to request the Distance Learning Office to assist you with course development or to copy your course materials for you. Please include as much information as possible about your courses. Incomplete information could delay the process. If you need additional assistance such as loading publisher materials or general assistance please use the Additional Comments, Requests section at the bottom of the form. This is for non-urgent requests. If you need immediate assistance or are having a technical issue please email If you teach multiple course types, you will need to submit a request for each type. For example if you teach both Composition I and Composition II, you will need to submit a separate request for each. Please contact Distance Learning at if you have any questions.
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Additional Support Requests:

If you need publisher materials loaded, help with test banks or other non-emergency requests please use the text box below. If your are requesting course content to be copied please skip down to the Course Copy section below.

Course Copy

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