Funding Request

Student Assembly reserves the right to allocate funds at their discretion. This is based on the merit of the proposal presented. Criteria: -ORGANIZATION MUST PROVIDE 20% OF THEIR TOTAL BUDGETED REQUEST THROUGH CONTRIBUTIONS OF INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES, ORGANIZATION DUES, AND/OR FUNDING. -Funding must benefit the majority of KSC students. -Funding for activities or events must be advertised to all of KSC. -Funding may be given to any student or group that has presented an outline of how funds will be used, as well as other sources of funding. -Funding will be given to organizations who have provided their MAR's and Quarterly Reports on time. -Priority funding will be given to on campus events and activities. -Funding will not be given to support fundraisers for student organizations. -Funding is limited to the amount available. Once completed with this form the Student Assembly Treasurer will be in contact with your organization to set up a time to meet with the Finance Committee. At this time the Finance Committee will form a recommendation, which will be presented to the Student Assembly. The Student Assembly will then make a decision of funds. If you have any questions please contact the Student Assembly Treasurer.
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