13X Foreign Language Conversation Partner Request Form

The Foreign Language Conversation Partners Program aims to assist students of foreign language with their speaking and communication skills in that language. You MAY request a conversation partner (CP) without being enrolled in a language class that term. Once you have completed the CP request form and signed the language pledge, your information will go into our database and we will notify you if/when we've found you a match.
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Conversation Partner Participation Agreement

If you are on financial aid, the College will fully subsidize up to two hours of conversation partner time per week per language. If you are not on financial aid, you will pay your CP directly at the rate of $8/hour. Any more than two hours per week is by arrangement with your CP and is never paid for by anyone but the tutee. By signing this you agree to keep an accurate record of all meetings and understand that falsifying these records will result in disciplinary action by the college. We will notify you via blitz if/when you are matched with the expectation that you will contact your CP within a week of your match. Always notify your CP if you cannot meet or will be late. If your CP does not arrive on time, wait 15 minutes before leaving. If this happens more than once, please contact the TC and Holly Potter. Clearly communicate with the TC regarding any concerns or need for a re-match. Notify the TC immediately if you no longer need a CP.

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