RSVP to GWISE Career Seminar Series with Sarah Cardozo Duncan

GWISE Career Seminar Series with Sarah Cardozo Duncan Time: 12:30 pm Dates: Monday, March 3 Tuesday, March 18 Thursday, March 27 Location: ERB 203 Through a series of exercises and discussion, attendees will move through the creation of a value proposition, learn how to communicate their career story and understand how to develop a marketing plan. Additionally, there will be an introduction on how to develop networks and a deeper look at the process of informational interviewing and interviewing for a position. Attendees will also acquire networking skills and gain an understanding of how to approach the market to obtain their next position. Utilizing the techniques of active discussion, role playing, critique of personal materials and practice sessions, participants will have a set of personally-tailored tools to ensure success. These tools are immediately useful in the career development process and can be utilized today and in the future – wherever participants happen to be
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