Graduate Student Orientation Signature Page

By completing this page, you are indicating that you have read and understood the Online Orientation for the Graduate School at Valparaiso University that includes the following categories: Grad School Policies & Procedures - -Policies and procedures important for successful graduate study -Information on your rights and responsibilities as a graduate student at Valpo, and where and how to resolve problems -Opportunities for enhanced professional success and personal enrichment Library and IT - -Access learning and information resources available through the library, particularly those relevant to graduate study - Using your Valpo username and password, log onto the computer network system -Learn about how to access your Valpo email account, access the Valpo website and to use the IT resources available such as DataVU and Blackboard Honor Code - Use and importance of the Valparaiso University Honor Code: I have neither given or received, nor have I tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid.
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