"Reporting an Experiment" game for Lions

This game tries to show you the importance of having a controlled set of vocabulary when it comes to share information and analyzing it. Try to report in this form the following experiment: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is the result of a combination of impaired insulin secretion with reduced insulin sensitivity of target tissues. There are an estimated 150 million affected individuals worldwide, of whom a large proportion remains undiagnosed because of a lack of specific symptoms early in this disorder and inadequate diagnostics. In this study, NMR-based metabolomic analysis in conjunction with uni- and multivariate statistics was applied to examine the urinary biofluid metabolic changes in Human type II diabetes patients compared to the control group. The human population were unmedicated diabetic patients who have good daily dietary control over their blood glucose concentrations by following the guidelines on diet issued by the American Diabetes Association.
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