Draper Center Winter 2011-12 Community Engagement Grant Application, DUE November 25th, 5pm

This grant will provide students with funding for a mutually beneficial community partnership project during the winter and multiply this effort by encouraging community work on campus. The grants are meant to help cover the costs of implementing the service project. Students may use this grant abroad or within their respective local communities; the money from the grant should go towards expenditures for the community engagement project, or for personal expenses to support the project, like transportation and housing. Students may also choose to work independently, with a peer, or with an established organization, if applicable. Projects can be a one-time event or an ongoing endeavor. Students who receive grants will also be required to include an on-campus component in their proposal that will apply their winter experiences when they return to school in January. Preferably this component will educate other students about a social issue, as well as to encourage other students to do engage with organizations outside of Claremont. The Draper Center staff has agreed to leave the on-campus project open to individual design but hopes for this project to be relevant to community-based work and open for student involvement, whether through a slideshow presentation, discussion, film screening, or any similar project; specifically, there will be an event on January 30th for students to present on what they did with their grant. Applications will be judged based on their feasibility within the given time and budget constraints. In addition, projects that demonstrate continuous commitment to an organization or group are encouraged. Also, please indicate if the Draper Center Community Engagement Grant is meant to supplement other grants/sources of funding. Projects will be awarded no more than $500. Students will be expected to give proof of their winter community engagement project upon returning to Pomona (pictures from their project event, letter from a supervisor or participant, etc. would be sufficient). Students will also be expected to keep and turn in all receipts for any spending they use from the Draper Center Community Engagement Grant as a form of accountability. By attaching your signature to this document, you are agreeing to: -Use the Draper Center 2011-12 Community Engagement Grant solely for expenditures that relate to my community service project -To document such expenditures by keeping all receipts of money spent and turning these receipts into the Draper Center upon return to school in January 2012 -To give evidence of my Winter community-based project via photos, a letter of recommendation, or some other form of relevant proof that indicates my degree of success in conducting this project -And to initiate an on-campus project upon returning to Pomona in January, as indicated in my project proposal. DUE NOVEMBER 25th 5PM!!! Please email nicholas.murphy@pomona.edu with any questions

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