Feedback Survey g|egypt 2.0 Day 1

Thank you for having attended Day 1 of g|egypt 2.0! We were truly excited to meet with you today and hope you were able to take some useful insights back home with you! We welcome your feedback to improve future events. Please take a few moments to complete the feedback form. Again, thank you for your time today! The Google Outreach Team

Not useful Best ever

Shaden Mohamed & Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément - "Presidential" introduction
Rania Hadi & Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément - Opening Comments
Mohammad Gawdat - Keynote
Mustafa Icil - You Powered by Internet

Track 1 - AdWords 101, Shaden Mohamed, Olivia Bishara, Rana Kortam
Track 1 - AdWords 201, Shaden Mohamed, Olivia Bishara, Rana Kortam
Track 2 - AdSense 101, Ashraf Hassan
Track 2 - AdSense 201, Ashraf Hassan
Track 3 - Google and Students, what do we have for you?, Noha Salem, Youssef Tlemcani
Track 3 - Google and Academia, Noha Salem

Track 1 - Google Innovations, Ahmad Hamzawi
Track 1 - Google+ and Plus Pages, Julia Ferraioli, Hany Abdelkawi
Track 2 - Google Apps: Increase Business Innovation & Productivity , Mohamed Nada
Track 2 - Arabic Localization at Google, Fayeq Oweis
Track 3 - Getting Ready for the Job! (Theory), Noha Salem, Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément
Track 3 - Getting Ready for the Job! (Practice), Noha Salem

Track 1 - Analytics: Know Your Visitors, Haisam Yehia
Track 2 - Get Involved: Google Business Groups, Ola Krainska
Track 3 - Why Go Google? GASP, Euan Guttridge, Hatem Nawar

Google Apps
Google Business Groups
Digital Strategies
HR / Recruiting Pod

Not approachable at all Very kind and available to talk and answer my questions

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