Loudoun Soccer - Adult League "Free Agent" List

Thank you for your interest in playing in Loudoun Soccer's Adult League. Loudoun Soccer encourages all individual players unable to join a team to register for a house team. For players unable to join or form a team and do not wish to join a house team, Loudoun Soccer will publish a "free agents" list, which will provide captains of existing teams the names and contact information of those players wishing to join an existing team. There is no guarantee of placement for those who request to join the "free agent" list. All information submitted in this survey will be available to the general public, as this list will be published on the Adult Leagues page of the Loudoun Soccer website. The list will be republished approximately once per week. The "free agent" list will be deleted following the end of each season; players interested in joining a team for the following season will need to resubmit their information.
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