Hitech Adventure 2012 in Greenville, SC

HiTech Adventure 2012 October 24-26, 2012 As always volunteers are a vital part of EdTech. Full time volunteers receive free registration; however you do not need to be a fulltime volunteer to experience the rewards of volunteering. Volunteer Opportunities include: 1) Session Scanners- attends session, introduces the speaker and scans attendees cards after session is complete, this includes taking up lunch tickets and scanning keynote sessions. ALL SCANNERS MUST BE PICKED UP RIGHT BEFORE SESSION AND RETURNED AFTER THE SESSION TO BE RESET. 2) Pre-Registration and Registration Desk Volunteers- assist attendees with registration and hand out pre-registered attendees’ packets. 3) E Script Booth Volunteers- assists at the desk with organizing and passing out scanners to the session scanners. 4) Information Booth – assists attendees with all their information needs and distributes luncheon tickets 5) Presenter and VIP check in- assist presenters and VIP with checking in and information. 6) Bag stuffing the night before the conference begins. There are 3 ways to be a fulltime volunteer: 1) scan 8 to 10 sessions or 2) a combination of half a day at one of the desk duties and 4 sessions or 3) 1 ½ days of desk duty Part time volunteers may volunteer an hour or two, whatever fits into your schedule. Liz Hood Volunteer Chair
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