Scientist Letter on Invasive Bioenergy

There is growing concern over the potential for non-native and modified bioenergy feedstocks to become invasive and cause ecological and economic damage. The federal government has an executive order stating that agencies must consider whether their actions are likely to cause or promote the introduction and spread of invasive species in the United States. Unfortunately, this executive order has not been implemented and agencies are not currently evaluating the invasive potential of these feedstocks. To bring attention to this issue and begin to address this problem, we are inviting scientists across the country to sign onto a letter to federal agencies asking them to comply with Executive Order 13112 and to assess the invasive potential of feedstocks before providing incentives leading to their cultivation. The full letter can be viewed online at: If you wish to sign on, please fill out the following form. If you have any questions, feel free to email Aviva Glaser at the National Wildlife Federation (
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