Tennis Ball Recycling Program Survey

Each year approximately 300 million new balls are produced, which contributes to roughly 32.3 million pounds of waste in the form of rubber that is not biodegradable. When the balls stay in the landfill for a long time they produce methane which stays in the atmosphere for 9-15 years. These baffling numbers made Ace reDeucers take up this important topic of recycling and reusing tennis balls thereby preventing or delaying the balls from going into landfills and in turn will help us create a greener planet. "Ace reDeucers" is a 4 member team consisting of Albert Zhang, Andrew Li, David Chen & Tejas Subramanian, all eighth grade students from R. J. Grey Junior High School, Acton, MA. The team's focus is to increase awareness to the need for tennis ball recycling and reuse in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint in our wonderful town and making Acton a greener place. Please take a few minutes of your time to take this survey to let us know your thoughts about recycling tennis balls.

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