Winter/Spring 2014 Professional Experience Program Application

Marilyn Magaram Center PROGRAM GOALS: The goal of the MMC Professional Experience Program is to provide “real-world” experiences for future nutrition professionals so that they may gain knowledge and practice skills. These experiences are designed to expose the student to a myriad of professional issues that are not often taught in a classroom. These include practical application of skills and knowledge, evaluation and feedback processes, interpersonal, interdisciplinary and mentoring relationships as well as general work habits. Through undergraduate professional experiences, students are better prepared to enter into, function and succeed as viable members of the workforce providing service and education to those in need. Further, the internship programs fulfill the mission of the Magaram Center by providing valuable nutrition services to the community. You can apply for a maximum of two Professional Experience Programs by following the directions below. *NOTE: PEP will not be offering credit for the Spring 2014 semester. APPLICATION DEADLINE: MONDAY, DECEMBER, 16 2013
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