SF13 Boite Singers' Festival Artist Application Form

The 2013 Boite Singers' Festival at Daylesford will be held on 10 - 13 January, 2013
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Artist biography and photo

All artists must submit a 80 - 100 word biography plus a high resolution photo (i.e. 1 MB or more) to The Boite. This information will be used in the festival program and for general festival publicity. This can be emailed to katrina@boite.com.au or sent on a disk to P.O. Box 1019 Collingwood. If you do not have a photo but you think we may have a photo of you on our records, please contact us. If you have media information on your website, please e-mail a link to katrina@boite.com.au

Weekend workshops

The Boite Singers' Festival is a weekend of workshops with showcase performances in the evening. Artists who are booked for the festival weekend can run approx 4 workshops. Artists prepare 2 - 3 workshop topics for the festival and they are repeated during the festival so that participants have 2 opportunities to attend your workshop. We aim to present a festival with a wide variety of workshops topics. We ask for 3 workshop topic suggestions so that we can get the greatest variety of workshop topics, however most artists only present 2 topics and repeat them during the festival. Weekend workshops are 1.5 hours long. They are held in various venues throughout the town. i.e. churches, halls, and community spaces. All of these workshop spaces are un-amplified. Some spaces have pianos but not all. Some topics that we hope to cover include: world music traditions, local central Victorian music, song writing, Gospel, Indigenous music, songs for children and families, song for blokes, songs for youth, dance or movement, technical skills in vocal production, arrangement, accompaniment, performance skills, improvisation, techniques for choir leaders and school teachers. Workshop leaders must prepare a workshop group to perform 1 song at the grand finale concert, Sunday 2:30 - 4:30 pm. Unfortunately there is not enough time for all workshop groups to perform a song. Artists can choose which group performs at the Sunday concert. Artists may also be asked to get involved with other activities at the festival such as the Saturday night dance jam, MCing the concerts, judging the song competition, or other. If you are interested in doing any of these things, please let us know by emailing, katrina@boite.com.au

Concert Performances

Artists who present singing workshops during the festival will perform at the evening showcase concerts held at the Daylesford Town Hall. Each artist performs approx 10 - 15 mins. There is a PA at the Daylesford Town Hall Showcase concerts. Some artists who bring their choirs to the festival have offered additional performances to the festival which fit into the weekend workshop time slot (1.5 hours). If you have a suggestion for a performance please include it here. i.e. Choir CD launch, Choir theatre performance, choir story telling performance. Artists who bring their choir to the festival perform in the choir concert. Saturday January 14, 4:00 pm, Daylesford Town Hall

Friday Workshop

The Full Day Friday Workshop runs from 10 am - 4:00 pm in the Daylesford Town Hall. This workshop can and has included a combination of a different topics, i.e. song, dance, movement, culinary experience, story telling, feldenkrais, performance, hip hop and youth, discussions, forums or it could be an in depth workshop on one particular topic. This is an opportunity for participants to explore a topic in more depth than the weekend workshops. Participants attending this workshop are given the opportunity to perform a song in the Friday evening concert, held at the Daylesford Town Hall from 8:00 pm. Only one workshop will run on Friday. We do not require all artists to make a workshop suggestion in this part of the form.

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