William Hughes Mulligan Memorial Moot Court Competition 2013 Sign-up (Judging and Brief Grading)

This year's William Hughes Mulligan Memorial Moot Court Competition concerns two Fourth Amendment issues. The first is whether officers can search a cell phone incident to arrest where the cell phone has an application that allows police officers to view live webcam footage of the arrestee's home. The second issue asks whether the good faith exception to the exclusionary rule should apply where the police department policy is to search all electronic equipment incident to arrest and a magistrate has granted a warrant based on information discovered in the defendant's cell phone. Please complete this form by June 10. If you need to edit your response before June 9, just complete the form again and we will use only the most recent one. If you need to update your response after June 9, please email Catherine Ryan, Mulligan Editor, at mulliganmc@law.fordham.edu.
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