Incidents of Involuntary Drugging

We are asking the community to help us track the occurences of people being drugged without their knowledge (also known as "roofied") in Bozeman. Being drugged without your knowledge is a crime, as defined by Montana code 45-9-101, even if no other crime was committed as a result. If you think you have been drugged at any time while in Bozeman, please fill out this form. This survey is being facilitated by the Help Center's Sexual Assault Counseling Center in order to determine the extent of involuntary drugging in our community. Results will be compiled by staff members at the Help Center and will be used to improve community awareness and develop effective intervention strategies. Filling out this survey DOES NOT constitute filing a formal report with law enforcement, MSU or the MSU Title IX Coordinator, nor does it imply that a formal report must be made. If you would like to make a formal report please see the information at the end of this survey. Your participation is voluntary and anonymous and no follow-up contact will be made based on the submission of this survey. Drugs used to incapacitate a person usually leave the body within hours of being administered. If you think you were drugged but tested negative for the presence of any of these drugs, that doesn't mean that it didn't happen. If you have been drugged more than once, please fill out a new form for each incident.
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For More Information

If you'd like to talk to someone further about your incident or reporting options available to you, you can contact: Sexual Assault Counseling Center: 586-3333 All conversations are confidential and can be anonymous Montana State University VOICE Center: 994-7069 All conversations are confidential and can be anonymous These drugs can have adverse effects on a person's health. If you you believe that you have been drugged, we strongly recommend that you get checked out by a medical provider. To make a report to law enforcement, call: Bozeman Police at 582-2000 MSU Police at 994-2121 Gallatin County Sheriff at 582-2100 To make an anonymous report to law enforcement, call Crimestoppers at 586-1131

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