Off-Campus Interview Report Form

Please be prepared to complete this report in one sitting. You may not save the form to return to it at a later date. The interview often provides interesting and helpful information about a student that cannot be easily gained from other parts of the application. The goals of the interview report are to confirm or refute information included in a student's application to Wellesley and to provide unique insights into an applicant's personal character and personality. Therefore, your report does not need to summarize the academic and extracurricular information about a candidate (that information will be available to the admission committee in the student's application). Rather, your report should provide insight into an applicant's intellectual character, her enthusiasm for her extracurricular and personal interests, and her level of motivation and preparation for Wellesley. If you would like someone to contact the student to follow up on any questions, please call or email the admission office. Contact information is in the sidebar on the left of this site.
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Summary of Candidate

In 1-2 well developed paragraphs please summarize your overall impressions of the candidate. Knowing that the Board of Admission already has access to the student's academic performance and profile, we are particularly interested in how she would fit in the Wellesley community and any information that may not already be in her application.

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