Harassment Reporting Form

This form is for people in Grand Aspirations experiencing harassment to use to report it or to file a complaint about it. Please refer to the Grand Aspirations Anti-Harassment Policy at http://bit.ly/antiharassment for full information on Grand Aspirations' stance on harassment, including a definition of harassment. You can use this form to make a report or file a complaint. If you are not ready to submit this form immediately but want to get a report written down for later use, please download the Word document version of this form to fill out. A report is a written account of what has occurred that can be made quickly while the experience is fresh in their minds and which they can use later if they choose to file a complaint. Reports can be filed anonymously or with names attached. Reports can be filed by a third party who sees the harassment or who is representing the victim of the harassment. Reports do not require further action on the part of the receiving body. Grand Aspirations STRONGLY encourages victims of harassment to file a report of the harassment even if they do not want the matter pursued further. However, Grand Aspirations reserves the right to pursue a report or complaint of harassment if the information given indicates that the there is a risk to other members of the Grand Aspirations community. A complaint of harassment is an official written statement given by the victim of harassment (or by a third party on the victim’s behalf with the victim’s consent) that is used as the basis for initiating an investigation by the Anti-Harassment Committee. Complaints require action on the part of the person who receives them. Program Leaders are required to pass them on to the Anti-Harassment Committee and the Anti-Harassment Committee is required to take formal action, most likely in the form of an investigation. This form will be received by Maddie Wilson of the Anti-Harassment Committee. If for any reason you do not want her to read it, please contact another member of the Anti-Harassment Committee. You should also feel free to get in touch with any of us if you would like to talk over your situation whether or not you plan to file a report or complaint. The current members of the Anti-Harassment Committee, as of 2/8/2012, are: Ruby Levine, 802-272-4140, ruby.levine@gmail.com Martha Pskowski, 301-613-5700, marthanelle@gmail.com Andrea Love, (479)957-1347, andrealove@gmail.com We recognize that this is a very difficult thing to do. You have probably just experienced or witnessed something traumatizing. We are extremely grateful to you for taking the effort to fill out this form and to help us help you in making the situation better. If you want to talk through what you are experiencing without committing to making a report of harassment, you can get in touch with the National Safe Space Person, Cece Watkins. You can contact her at: gasafeperson@gmail.com or (612) 567-2336.
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