May 16 screening event: "The Long Goodbye" by Yang Li-chou

紐約台灣書院繼放映李安導演名作「推手」後,5月16日(週四)將推出楊力州導演最新動人力作「被遺忘的時光」,以紀錄片形式刻劃長者們回憶的故事。駐紐約台北文化中心表示,繼《奇蹟的夏天》、《征服北極》之後,金馬獎導演楊力州以 2年時間記敘這群長者與家人間雋永的家族情感,雖然這群長輩們深受失智症的困擾,記憶不斷錯置拼貼,但在回憶緩慢歸零的過程裡,家人的細心陪伴幫助他們用愛找回記憶的缺口,完成這段生命中最漫長的告別,實為一部感人至深之社會議題紀錄片。 Taiwan Academy of TECO in New York will present award-winning documentary director Yang Li-Chou’s latest work, “The Long Goodbye” as the third title in our “Young at Heart: Our Golden Years” film series. Spent 2 years on filming this group of elderly people with dementia, Yang portrays how their memories gradually lost and how their family members try to bring back those forgotten precious moments together. In the process of story-telling and retelling, the memories got revived and help the family to rekindle . 地點: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office 駐紐約台北經文處台灣書院 B1放映廳 1 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017 時間: 6:30 pm, May 16, Thursday/ 5月16日(四)晚間6:30
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