Coronet Dietary Restrictions Form

In order to make the culinary portion of the event pleasant and safe for everyone, the cook team needs information on any dietary restrictions you may have. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form. The more complete the information you can give regarding restrictions or allergies, the easier it is to make sure the experience is safe and pleasant for everyone. If you do not have any allergies or other restrictions, you do not need to fill out this form. However, please note that I also need to know about plant-based allergies, as some ingredients that I use are not always considered "food" anymore, such as hedgerow berries or nettles. If you have already included this information in an e-mail or in your reservation, I would ask that you still fill out this form. Filling out this form sends the information to a consolidated list which can be accessed easily without anyone's information getting accidentally left out.
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