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All announcements will be posted to the CBL Blog and then listed in the most upcoming newsletter unless otherwise noted in the comments section of the submission. The newsletter is sent every 2nd and 4th Monday each month DEADLINE: The deadline to submit for the newsletter is the Thursday evening (5pm) prior to Monday publication. All announcements are reviewed for content and clarity. The Community-Based Learning Program Office reserves the right to edit or reject all submissions. Repeat announcements are discouraged and will be made at the discretion of the Community-Based Learning Program Office. Announcements should be broadly relevant to the Portland Community College community. Submissions should relate to service-learning, community service, and/or social change opportunities offered by non-profit and non-partisan organizations. Announcements can address volunteer opportunities in the Portland, OR region as well as non-profit internships, summer, post-graduate, and international opportunities, jobs, scholarships, fellowships, and training.
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Community Partners

Is your agency interested in becoming a new Community-Based Learning Community Partner? Non-profit community agencies in the area and Portland Community College (PCC) have formed educational partnerships to seek new and innovative ways to meet student and community needs. PCC students provide valuable service to community partners who, in turn, support students' educational endeavors. Visit the Community Partner page on the CBL website to learn more: http://www.pcc.edu/resources/community-based-learning/Service-LearningPartnerMainPage.html

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