We Are NC Supreme Court Hearing Pilgrimmage

We Are NC is putting together a delegation of community members who are concerned about the anti-immigrant sentiment in our country right now to rally outside the Supreme Court building as the Justices inside hear arguments for and against SB 1070. The trip will be a day trip, leaving overnight and returning the same day on April 25 (roughly leaving at 12am and returning at 11:30 pm. We will leave from Charlotte and Raleigh and can stop along the way on the 85/40 corridor. Participants are asked to contribute $20 to offset the costs of the trip. If you cannot contribute $20, then folks can give whatever is comfortable for them. If you are under 18, you will need to have a form signed by a parent in order to participate. To sign up and hold your spot on the bus, please fill out the following form. Questions? Email us at info@latinamericancoalition.org.

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