NAHBS 2013 Exhibitor Application Preliminary Form

Please complete the below questionnaire so we can qualify you as an exhibitor and send you the right kind of booth application in the Exhibitor Application Form PDF. Following your completion of the below form, our head of exhibitor relations, Lesley Schommer, will be in contact within 48 hours. Please note that this form is a preliminary to the full application. We very much hope to have you as an exhibitor at NAHBS, and thank you for your interest!
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This first set of questions must be answered by all exhibitors. Lower down on this online form you will find additional questions for frame builders only.

Framebuilders Only

Frame builders must answer all of the below questions. The critical determinants for a full booth at NAHBS are: * Producing your own frames in-house * Length of time you have been in business * Your total output of frames as a *professional* frame builder * Having product liability insurance. Full details are set forth in the Exhibitor Application Form which will be sent to you as a PDF to qualified exhibitors.

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