Fair Share Campaign Director Positions

Fair Share Alliance works to provide every American with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future and a strong voice in our democracy. But powerful, entrenched interests are gaming the system to their benefit, while denying everyone else a fair shot. We need to stand up to the 1% and their allies in Congress that block progress at every turn. As a Campaign Director, you will be a part of building a Fair Share Alliance organization in your community and raising the profile of our issues to make a real impact in the lives of your friends, family and neighbors. Specifically, you will run a local campaign office to conduct grassroots fundraising, build membership for Fair Share Alliance and support for our issues, turnout voters for the elections and keep the heat on the 1% in the media. We are NOW HIRING for offices across the country to work on these projects for just the summer or as a long-term career. This is a salaried position with a competitive benefits package. SIGN UP BELOW TO RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION, and to hear about opportunities to interview with a Fair Share Campaign Director near you!
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