2013-2014 Laboratory Assistant Application

Each year, students are appointed to serve as laboratory assistants for freshman, junior and senior labs. Students are selected for these positions on the basis of their qualifications. This position does not have to be filled by a financial aid recipient. The salary is $8.50 to $9.00 per hour. Students work approximately ten hours a week. Job Description: • Help set up experiments for lab practicals • Be useful to tutors during practicals • Help students during practicals, if necessary • Help with cleanup and miscellaneous tasks when there are no practicals • Help clean up after lab sessions • Attend weekly meetings and makeup lab as required by supervisor Criteria for Selection: • Must be reliable and able to work well with other students • Recommendations from tutors • Performance in previous campus jobs • Don Rag reports from lab classes • Relevant information provided by the student on the application form
* Required

Preferences for Lab Assignment

Rising sophomores have one choice, juniors two and seniors three.

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