Joining the Stories of IDS Project, Connecting Our Individual Narratives for a 50-Year Fabric of Community

About Our Project: In celebrating the Independent Day School’s 50th year anniversary, we will be collecting and celebrating stories as a way to reflect upon the school’s history, to remember the important events in the school’s history, to articulate the character of the school, and to pass on what we know to others. Like every family, the teachers, administrators, and students, past and present, hold onto stories that define the best part of who we are as a community. The following questions are intended to allow those of us who have been connected to the IDS community in anyway, to share memories, reflections, and stories about this school’s history, life, and people. This survey is the first step in capturing what IDS has meant to those individuals who have contributed to its development and identity. The survey progresses from questions about your PAST time at IDS, to those about your PRESENT, and onto how those two are CONNECTED. We hope you enjoy revisiting your memoriesof IDS and will share them with us. Please consider coming for an in-person visit to the school during one of our 50th Anniversary Events or at your convenience.
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