DCF Membership Community Outreach

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Douglas County Federation Community Outreach Survey. Our objective is to gain insight into the community involvement of our members and to find areas of interest in building partnerships with organizations, businesses and individuals through our members...you. We are only as strong as each one of your voices. Each day you provide the young people of this county with a place to learn, grow, and become confident, all in a safe environment. Your contributions as a group of employees is significant and your work outside this district in this community has impacted the growth and love residents have for Douglas County. The DCF wants to capture and share your work with the community. We want to foster the relationships you have as individuals and help them potentially grow into partnerships that can continue to impact more of the residents and employees today and in the future benefiting the students we strive for each day. Please fill out the survey as best you can. Please note that we will NOT be using your name or personal information unless you provide us permission with individuals or organizations. Thank you for your support and help in trying to grow a successful community outreach program.
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