Mobile Learning Experience 2012 Session Proposal

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Mobile Learning Experience 2012. As the premiere conference dedicated to mobile learning in K-12 education, Mobile2012 will offer dozens of quality breakout sessions April 11-13, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona. Breakout sessions are one hour in length, so please propose a session that fits into that amount of time. If you have too much to jam into one hour, consider dividing up the topic and proposing two sessions. If you have material that will only fill a half hour then consider finding a partner to present with. These often make for a more interesting presentations, especially if you can set up two contrasting ideas. Please make it clear in your description if your session might be more appropriate to beginning, intermediate, or advanced users. We want conference participants to have as much information as possible when selecting sessions to attend. The deadline for presentation applications is November 16, 2011. We will contact you prior to January 10, 2012 to let you know if your proposal has been accepted. If accepted, we will ask you to provide a URL for conference participants to access your session's handout, notes, and/or slides. We are particularly interested in sessions with a focus on personalized learning, project-based learning, collaborative learning, and the management of technology. We are also looking for sessions that are subject-specific (for example, math activities for primary students using iPad, using netbooks to improve middle school writing). Remember, participants in your sessions won’t be happy with sage-on-the-stage style lectures. Mobile2012 will be accepting presentations that are interactive, foster conversations, and inspire. If you know someone who would make a great presenter for our event, please send them a link to this proposal form. We will be using the exact wording you provide on your application to create Mobile2012’s program, so enter your information as you would like it to be represented. Be sure to copyedit your work using proper grammar and punctuation. We thank you in advance for your proofreading. Mobile Learning Experience 2012 is not able to pay presenters’ expenses. If your session is accepted, the lead presenter will receive a $50 discount on registration. Registration rates are: • Early Bird registration with overnight accommodations: $695 • Early Bird registration without overnight accommodations: $495 • Regular registration with overnight accommodations: $895 • Regular registration without overnight accommodations: $695 We thank you so much for taking the time to submit a proposal. Please email or with questions.
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