High Holidays 5773/20012 Avodah Signup!

Do your part for the High Holy Days! Sign up for Avodah! The work of the community is the community's work. --Kolot Chayeinu Values Statement Avodah is a Hebrew word that means work and service and prayer all at the same time. As we move closer to the Days of Awe, we need and want you to join us in the spirit of Avodah, to make our High Holiday observances happen. Kolot does not have tickets nor require a donation for the Holydays, though we do ask for contributions. In so many ways, it is our community's Avodah- prayer in action, work of the heart, and service to the community--that makes our inclusiveness possible. Signing up for Avodah is one way to support the values that bring you to Kolot, and to connect with the people that bring those values to life. It'll be a joyous and meaningful way to meet new friends and/or see old ones. If you're thinking of joining Kolot or you're already a member but haven't joined any groups, this is a great way to get know us. Sign up for your session of Avodah HERE. You can tell us how and when you can join us. Some of the tasks that need doing include the Apples and Honey Gang, being a Shamas (Greeter), bringing food, and more. PLEASE NOTE: We are relying on you to show up for the task you choose, so please mark them in your calendar! We can't wait to work with you! Questions? Contact Hadar Ahuvia at Hadar@Kolotchayeinu.org Thank you for doing all you can to make this go smoothly!! The High Holy Days Coordination Committee (Hadar Ahuvia, Cindy Menell, Heath Reynolds, and Dana Schneider)
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