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ANGEL Basics In this one hour workshop, you will learn how to create an ANGEL course from scratch. ANGEL’s Discussion Forum This workshop will cover how to set up discussion forum in ANGEL. It's different from Blackboard that provides only one Discussion Board, ANGEL allows you to set up as many discussion forums for different topics as needed. Come to the workshop to learn how to integrate this feature to your teaching. ANGEL's Drop Box ANGEL provides instructors with the option to create as many Digital Drop Boxes as you need. This workshop will present you ways to create a Drop Box in ANGEL assignment page, set up to the gradebook in the Drop Box, grade the papers collected in the Drop Box, and submit grades to Gradebook automatically. How to use TurnItIn Drop Box in ANGEL TurnItIn is very powerful software for preventing plagiarism. Now with the adoption of ANGEL Learning system, it became one of ANGEL’s features and you can use it without setting up a separate account outside ANGEL. This workshop shows you how to add a TurnItIn dropbox to collect students’ papers, how to generate a analysis report, and how to enter grade marks, enter grades, and display the grades in the gradebook automatically. ANGEL Quiz In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create an ANGEL quiz or exam that students can take it online. ANGEL allows you to copy and paste a whole set of test question with a few clicks rather in addition to copy and paste one at a time. You’ll also learn how to set up the gradebook to record quiz grades when it’s submitted. Rubrics and ANGEL In this workshop, you'll learn how to create rubrics using ANGEL's Rubric Manager, add a rubric to ANGEL assignment, and grade the assignment with the rubrics. ANGEL's Gradebook In this class, you will learn how to set a simple ANGEL Gradebook with only assignment. You will also learn how to create Gradebook categories, assignments, and how to link gradebook to individual assignment so that grades go to the gradebook automatically when you grade online. ANGEL Miscellaneous This workshop will introduce you the ANGEL Learning Objective Repository (LOR), how to back up your ANGEL course or files, how to manage course files, gradebook, and attendance. Embed audio and video files Add a YouTube link to your ANGEL course usually cause access problems. This workshop will walk you through simple steps to embed audio and video files to Lessons Tab. Map learning objectives with quizzes and tests for assessment You'll learn how to enter learning objectives to ANGEL, create quizzes, map objectives with quizzes, analyze quiz results, and run an assessment report. * Ehter your own best time if the schedule conflicts with yours. ** If you have any questions or special request, please call Jiang Tan -5869 or send her an email at
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Facebook: This workshop is to get you up to speed on how to create, use, and maintain your own Facebook page, including understanding the complex Facebook privacy policies and settings. Audacity: Come to this workshop to learn how to download the free software and practice how to use the software to record and edit audio files. Jing: Do you want to capture your lectures, animate it, and make a video of it to post online? Jing is the software program that can help you accomplish the mission easily. Skype: In this workshop, you'll learn how to use the free program to teach an online class. You'll practice different Skype features to communicate with your students through internet. SlideShare: This workshop presents a free program that allows you to share PowerPoint slides, Word document, or PDF files publicly or privately online. Prezi: Let's experience with a new way of designing your PPT presentation. You can also import your existing PPT file into Prezi to give your presentation some new looks and features. YouTube Video 1: In this workshop, you'll learn some general methods to find and download YouTube videos. You'll also learn how to add the YouTube video to other programs such as ANGEL and PPT. YouTube Video 2: We'll shoot, edit, and publish our own YouTube videos in this workshop. YouTube Video 3: this workshop introduces methods to create a short movie using Window's movie maker, convert it to a YouTube, and post it on ANGEL or other programs.

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