Top 5 Security Risks, Threats and Concerns for India in 2013 ... for the Nation, it's People and Corporations

This a top 5 with a difference because the major influencer will be public inputs and not some analysts having a beer talking about what will happen and what you should be scared about. This Top 5 is about [1] India; [2] it is not just threats and risks but about anything that may influence or cause untoward events to happen; [3] it will be dynamic and will be re-visited every 3 to 6 months as per the changing scenario; [4] it will constantly connect with you as one of the contributors. The list is being put together by ClubHack ( with Open Security Alliance - Indiawatch ( with help from a lot of friends - support from some law enforcement and security institutions are being solicited and will be announced from time to time as they agree.
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National Security is of critical importance in the technology age - you, as a working professional in the information security domain will know a lot about what is happening above and below the horizon. So please share the top five risks / threats / pitfalls / short-sightedness or whatever relating to national security.

Your Top 5 for CITIZENS / PEOPLE

People must be able to live secure in the feeling that they, their family and friends are protected. Unfortunately, malicious elements on the internet are constantly on the lookout to cheat people and compromise their personal property for their nefarious activities. Your top 5 will identify the risks, threats, scams etc which the general Indian netizen should look out for in 2013.


Corporations, organizations are what makes the economy of the country strong and must protect themselves against data / IP theft or compromise. Day in and day out corporations of all sizes are at risk so it does not matter whether it is small, medium or large in size. The risks are different and must be identified and (hopefully) smart organizations will take proactive action !

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