Student Teaching (FORL 4061, 4062, 4063) Information Form

Please fill out this form if this is your first BA degree or if you are in the 2nd BA program and are not currently teaching a foreign language full time Pre-K through 12th grade. If you are in the 2nd BA program and are currently teaching a foreign language fulltime, then you need to fill out the Online Internship form. Prior to taking the Student Teaching you must have completed all coursework requirements, have passed all parts of the department proficiency exam, & applied to the Teacher Education program.
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Georgia State University - Modern & Classical Languages


In order of preference, please list 2 schools in the same county where you would like to be placed. We cannot guarantee these preferences but we will do our best. Be sure that the language is taught at the schools. Note: Student Teachers cannot be placed at the high school from where s/he graduated. If you wish to change your Student Teaching Placement Preferences please do so prior to the deadlines (February 1st & September 1st)

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