WCU School Services Reporting Form

If your department uses Digital Measures to record data, we recommend you record your school services there. You will find School Services listed under the "Services" heading once you log in. Use this form to submit all your School Services provided from May 15, 2013 through May 14, 2014 Note that for an activity to qualify as a School Service, it must meet the following criteria: * The service must provide a skill, resource, or support activity * The service may be a single event or a series of events for service that directly/indirectly benefit B-12 (Birth through 12th grade) students, teachers, parents, or administrators. * The service must be related to public school support. * The service must be provided by WCU Faculty or Staff. Examples of activities that qualify as school services include: * Volunteering in a classroom * Coaching a team * Judging science fair projects * Facilitating workshops for teachers * Mentoring students, teachers, administrators * Recruiting students Intern supervision should not be reported on this form
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