SIO Graduate Office - Surfside Reservation Form

Please fill out the following form to request use of the Revelle Family Student Center (Surfside). Your reservation is not official until confirmed through email by the Graduate Office. Only current Scripps graduate students may reserve Surfside. You can view the Surfside calendar for availability here:
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Contact Information

Event Details

Please be specific with your start and end times. The Forum managers have to work around your event for scheduling bathroom cleaning and they have to pay someone to stay until you are finished if you go over your scheduled time. You will be asked to leave if you stay longer than the time you have here. Not complying with the Forum managers during your event will put you at risk for not being allowed to reserve Surfside in the future.

Food and Beverages

Alcohol permits are required and can be downloaded here: Complete Section I and II and sign under Section II. You must submit the signed permit to the Graduate Office at least 3 weeks in advance. Alcohol permits will not be approved for weekend events. In addition, you may be required to use a licensed bartender if you are planning to serve alcohol to more than 50 guests. Your event will not be confirmed until you submit a signed alcohol permit to the Graduate Office. In order to be approved, permit requests must detail the following: -quantity of alcohol provided -amount of drinks per person (should not be more than 2) -who specifically will serve the alcohol -how you will control attendance -how you will control consumption (i.e. how you will limit each person to 2 drinks) *If you do not provide these details your permit request will be rejected* If this is for a defense party, don't fill out a permit; please just email Adam ( for instructions.

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