27th Annual Great Computer Challenge 2012 - Registration Form

Senior Competition (grades 6-12) - March 17, 2012 DEADLINE - Feb 17th, 2012 - $50 late fee if postmarked after this date. Junior Competition (grades K-5)- April 28, 2012 DEADLINE - March 30th, 2012 -$50 late fee if postmarked after this date. Make sure you use the hard copy to prepare your data before submission, to have a record for yourself, and to mail or email in with your payment. http://www.whro.org/cii/documents/gcc/gccreg_2012.doc Please take a few minutes to fill out this form. If you are paying by credit card, please list it on the worksheet and mail or email it in or call 886.559.2353. If you are mailing a PO or check, make sure you mail or email it with your worksheet. EMAIL - gcc@whro.org MAIL - WHRO/GCC 5200 Hampton Blvd Norfolk, VA 23508 Register ONLY ONE team per form. One team per school per category per level! (except for teams with *) You can find the GCC FAQ's here. http://www.whro.org/cii/gcc/faq.asp You can visit http://www.whro.org/cii/mem.asp to check membership. If your school or school division is listed, you are considered either a C.I.I. Member or a C.I.I. Service Participant.
* Required

Team Members

Up to three students for Level 1, 2, & 3. Up to five students for Level 4. If you don't have the names at the time of registration, please email them to gcc@whro.org.

T-shirt Order

Each team member (not including the teacher coach or alternates) will receive a T-shirt covered by the registration fee. Please indicate # of each size.

Pre-Order extra shirts

Teachers may order additional T-shirts @ $10.00 prepaid. Please indicate how many additional shirts you would like to order.

PreOrder Totebags

Teachers may also order Great Computer Challenge. Tote Bags @ $10.00 prepaid.

PreOrder DVD of GCC School Talk Special

Great Computer Challenge and Winners are highlighted in School Talk. @ $10.00 prepaid.

Final Payment Total

Method of Payment

Please choose your method of payment. Note your category and level on your check or PO.

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