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Please use the following form to reserve your spot at various CAB Events. All Information must be filled out in order to reserve your spot. EACH PERSON MUST REGISTER FOR THEMSELVES UNLESS SPECIFIED. **This form does not guarantee a spot for the event. Once we receive your registration, you will receive a confirmation email if spots are available. *All information is required. (NC- Denotes NO CHARGE for event) (NCET - Denotes NO CHARGE, but Emergency Info/Travel Waiver Required) ($ - Denotes ENTRY FEE at Event or money required to participate) ($TR - Denotes TICKETS REQUIRED - Must be paid for in CAB Office) *Spaces are limited to 8 people for all Food for Thought events. Once roster is full, names will be listed as alternates. Transportation is not available for Food for Thought. WAIVER/RELEASE OF LIABILITY INFORMATION By entering my information below: I will participate in the selected activities below and understand that I have been encouraged to procure insurance which would provide for general medical benefits and health and accident coverage for injury or loss I may incur. In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the designated activity, I voluntarily agree to assume all risks involved in my participation or traveling to or from it. I understand that if I voluntarily participate, I expose myself to risk of personal injury and/or death and property damage or loss including, but not limited to, serious bodily injury, paralysis, or death. I also recognize that there are both foreseeable and unforeseeable risks of injury or death that may occur that McKendree University cannot specifically anticipate and list here. I release McKendree University, the McKendree University Board of Trustees, and any subdivision or unit of McKendree University, its officers, employees, and agents, from any and all liability, claims, costs, expenses, injuries, and/or losses, that I may sustain as a result of my participation in the listed event. My participation includes, but is not limited to, travel to and from the event in a private or public vehicle, and any activity connected with the event itself, and while using equipment or facilities whether on or off McKendree University property. I have carefully read this document, understand its contents, and am fully informed about this event and circumstances and am satisfied that I can safely participate in this event. I am aware that this document is a contract with McKendree University. I, or my parents/legal guardians, if I am under the age of eighteen, sign it freely and voluntarily. I hereby grant further permission to the Office of Campus Activities to be photographed, without further compensation, understanding that is intended for publication or promotional purposes in print media, newspaper, television, video, motion picture, or web site on the internet. I additionally consent to the use of my name and/or interview comments in connection with the publication or promotional purposes in print media, newspaper, television, video, motion picture, or web site on the Internet.
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