How do you licence your Open Data?

"Open Data" is an idea that is gaining traction, in government, in the cultural sector, in science, and beyond. But there are a multitude of licenses to choose from and – despite the existence of an Open Definition – a huge spread along the continuum from 'closed' to 'open.' As part of an exercise to understand the reality of Open Data distribution, I'd be grateful if you would take a few moments to answer these simple questions. Results will be written up on, and there are also opportunities for some follow-up activity that would delve much deeper into this area.

How open is your data?

Thinking about your organisation, what proportion of your data exists in each of these various states? Your ten answers should sum to a figure as close to 100 as you can manage!

And a little bit about you...

Some optional context...

Thank you

Thank you for your contribution. Results will be released via, and if more detailed work goes ahead it will also be described there. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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