OSU 2012 FTC Qualifier Volunteer Signup

We need your help to make this competition a success! Please read the volunteer descriptions below, and pick a few that you would be interested in. You don't need to decide right now, just choose "Any/Assign as Needed," so we have your name on our list. Competition Date: Saturday, February 11th, 2012, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (volunteers are not required to stay the entire day) Location: Kelley Engineering Center, OSU Campus If you have any questions, contact Taj Morton at mortont@onid.orst.edu. Thank you very much for your support! Descriptions of positions are adapted from the ORTOP and FTC Volunteer Coordinator Guides. Jobs which require pre-event training (a workshop) are marked with an asterisk (*): * Tech/Teamwork Judge: Judges are responsible for selecting team award recipients through interaction with teams and review of a team’s Engineering Notebook. Judges serve as role models for the competitors. Judges are not referees, and are not required to understand the intricacies of scoring or ruling on the game. Technical judges should have a technical background in engineering. * Backup Judge: These judges receive the same training as all other judges, and serve as replacements/backups in case another judge is unable to volunteer. If a backup judge is not needed, they may assist with other jobs. * Referee: Responsible for scoring and making sure teams play by the rules on the Bowled Over Competition Field. Referees monitor the performance of the teams and the robots during the table competition and score the results after each round. We provide training sessions for prospective referees in January 2012. Using a referee score sheet, they calculate the official score of the matches and participate in deliberations regarding contested calls. * Robot Inspector: Robot inspectors perform mandatory robot inspections to ensure compliance with robot construction rules. They determine inspection outcome decisions (pass/fail). Field Control Operator: Operates the system that controls the stopping and starting of each match. Field Resetter: Field Reset Volunteers set up the field according to the game specifications at the beginning of every match. Judge Assistant: Assists judges with timing teams, getting teams into and out of rooms on time. May assist with other tasks once judging ends. Team Greeter: Coordinates with pit runners and judge assistants to get teams to the judging area on time. May assist with other tasks once judging ends. Field Assembly/Setup: Helps setup event fields, tables, rooms, etc before the event. Some help will be needed Friday Evening. Field Dis-Assembly: Helps take down fields, move furniture, etc after event (Saturday evening). Team Queuer: Gets teams in order and to re-inspection area before matches. Pit Admin: Manager of Pit area (where they keep their belongings, tune up their robot and hang out while waiting for their next event). Announces part requests, calling teams to queuing area, oversees team check-in, and other tasks. Pit Runner: Works with team queuer and team greeter to locate teams in pit, and get them on the field when they need to compete. Practice Field Attendant: Schedules teams for practice field, times teams, and ensure an orderly and fair use of the practice fields. Sees that the teams reset the fields after use. Registration: Checks teams in on arrival, directs visitors and teams, and provides information to people. May assist with other tasks once registration ends. Lead/Field Queuer: Gets teams from queuing area on to field. Any/Assign as Needed: If you are unsure, or have no preference, we can assign you a job at the event.
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