Acculturation, Wellness, and Social Capital among Latino Youth

You are being asked to participate in a research study concerning assimilation, Americanization and anxiety/trust. Please complete all tasks to the best of your ability. Some questions may seem repetitive, but it is important that you maintain your focus throughout the survey. Please be aware that all responses will be kept strictly confidential. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated. Please note that in this survey, "American" refers to the United States of America. Please direct any questions or comments to: Arielle Chapin Lawrence High School Class of 2013
* Required


I agree/give consent for myself to participate in the research entitled “Acculturation, Wellness, and Social Capital among Latino Youth” which is being conducted by Arielle Chapin, a student at Lawrence High School. I understand that my participation is entirely voluntary; I can withdraw my consent at any time and have the results of my participation destroyed. The following points have been explained to me: 1. The aim of the study is to measure whether or not factors such as the length of time a Latin American teenager has lived in the United States or the degree to which he/she identifies with American vs. Latino culture impacts certain wellness and mental health variables, in addition to trust and feelings of self-control in an individual. 2. The benefits that I may expect from it are: To help answer a research question that has never before been addressed in an adolescent sample population, aged 13-18. 3. The procedures are as follows: 1. Informed consent will be obtained before experimentation. 2. The student researcher will administer a demographic questionnaire. This will be followed by multiple surveys that ask about: 1) your level of cultural assimilation into the American way of life, 2) several personality and mental health traits, 3) anxiety levels, 4) depression levels, 5) trust in the society and school you are a part of, 6) degree of internal/external controls over your own affairs. The time required to complete these surveys is 15-30 minutes. 4. The discomforts or stresses that may be faces during this research are: Students may miss approximately 10-15 minutes of gym or health class to participate. Answering survey questions is sometimes frustrating and a source of anxiety for some students, but no questions are overly invasive. 5. Participation entails the following risks: No significant risks. 6. The results of this participation will be anonymous [or confidential] and will not be released in any individually identifiable form without the prior consent of the participant unless required by law.

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